Restaurant Menu

The goals of this assignment are to:
Create a spreadsheet
Enter data into a spreadsheet
Apply basic Excel functions
Draw conclusions about data
Search the web to locate a PDF version of a menu to your favorite restaurant. The menu must include food prices.
The menu MUST include at least 30 food and or drink items.
Appetizer (5 items)
Entrée (5 items)
Soup or salad (5 items)
Beverage (5 items)
Desert (5 items)
Any other item on menu in any category (5 items)
In an Excel spreadsheet, copy the menu.

Excel formulas, graphs, or criteria (10 points)
The spreadsheet should include the following in separate columns:
Food or drink name
Food or drink category (entrée, appetizer, salad, soup, dessert or beverage)
Food or drink price
Fool allergen alerts (list allergy alert). Examples may include: “contains shellfish,” “contains nuts,” “gluten-free,” etc.
Restaurant specialty (yes or no). If the menu does not indicate any restaurant specialties, put N/A in this column for Not Applicable.
In a Microsoft Word document, write a summary that addresses the following questions. Your summary should be at least 5 sentences in length and should be written in complete sentences.
What trends do you notice about the restaurant items?
Which type of items are more expensive or less expensive?
How does the type of restaurant affect the prices?
Why did you select the restaurant for the assignment?
What would you change about the menu options and why?

Sample Solution