Retailing and Merchandising

Chapter 1
Question 1- (Total 20 points)
The key strategic decisions a retailer makes include defining its target market
and its financial objectives. Explain what these 2 functions mean and give an
Question 2 – (40 points- 20 points each)
A. “More retail transactions take place online now than in stores.” Is the
previous statement True or False? Explain.
B. Saveco is a known supermarket in Kuwait. It buys products in bulk from
various wholesalers and stores them in its own warehouses. At Saveco,
customers can choose from a big variety of product assortments.
Present the 4 business activities through which Saveco adds value to
products and services sold to final consumers.
Question 3 – Put the descriptors in the right order of the supply chain
(20 points- 5 points each)
Bed, bath and beyond- Wamsutta- You- Jiangsu Hongliu Bedsheet Limited
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Question 4 – True or False (20 points- 10 points each)
Companies are totally convinced about the importance of
corporate social responsibility (CSR) during the initial stages
of CSR integration.
B Retailing offers entrepreneurial opportunities
Bonus Question – (5 points)
Give an example of a company in Kuwait implementing CSR. What is the CSR
initiative implemented?

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