Revelation and Catholic schools

u This task asks you to consider the material in Modules 3 and 4 as a whole and to describe how teachers in Catholic schools can present/maintain contribute to the Catholic identity of the school. Modules 3 and 4 topics include
u You are to work to produce an essay outlining some (at least three) ideas which you might participate in/implement to demonstrate your commitment to upholding the Catholic identity of a school of which you are or will be a staff member. The ideas should progress from ‘simple’ e.g. participating in school liturgies to ‘complex’ e.g. designing a social justice initiative. The ideas should be grounded in academic/theological precepts and you will need to cite at least three relevant references.

u Connect to another curriculum area e.g. geography, history lend themselves quite naturally to including Catholic Tradition
u Activities which promote understanding of Catholic Social Teaching and the principles
u Activities which connect students to the sacramental life of the Church e.g. designing a liturgy or prayer ritual
u Activities that promote critical reflection on issues of morality and ethics
u Activities that include some study of appropriate scripture in the Catholic method

Your ideas can be related to any of the four elements of Church life:
u Scripture
u Sacraments
u Morality
u Social Justice
You will need to justify your choices of ideas by describing which element you have chosen as your focus and why it is important.

Sample Solution