Reviewing Alternative Sources of Information

In this discussion, you will have an opportunity to seek out gray literature for your research, and apply the
guidelines you have studied to determine if you should use these resources in your research. To get started,
conduct an Internet search for institutional, organizational, and governmental agencies that provide information
relevant to understanding and researching your topic of interest and research focus. Identify three such
sources and describe the kind of information that is available from each source.
In your initial discussion post,
• Identify and provide a complete APA citation for three sources that contain information from institutional,
organizational or government agency websites that contain information relevant to your research topic or
research focus. Consider accessing the Writing Center’s Formatting Your References List (Links to an external
site.) for more on completing a complete reference citation.
• Provide direct links to the three sources within your initial post.
• Analyze how the information you found through the institutional, organizational, or governmental Internet sites
is relevant to your topic and research question.
• Evaluate whether it would be reasonable and ethically acceptable to include information from these three
sources in a formal research project on your topic, and explain your decision.

Sample Solution