Reviewing different theories

Develop a PowerPoint presentation reviewing each of the following theories

  1. Nightingale’s Environmental Theory
  2. Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory.
  3. Orlando’s theory guide
  4. King’s Conceptual System Theory
  5. Roy Adaptation Model
  6. Leininger’s Culture Care Model
  7. Parse’s Human Becoming Theory

Answer the following questions for each of the theories listed above. You should have 2-4 slides per theory with a total of 8 theories discussed.

Describe the theory
Provide 3 examples of how the theory applies to current practice
Provide 3 positive patient outcomes resulting from utilizing the theory
Explain 3 benefits to nursing satisfaction when utilizing the theory
Describe two barriers to using the theory in practice and at least one method for overcoming each barrier (support methods with sources)
Support from literature clearly noted throughout

Sample Solution