Revisionist Koran Hermeneutics


Revisionist Koran Hermeneutics in Contemporary Turkish Theology and examination of the Chapter 58(al-mujadilah) first 5(1-2-3-4-5) within this context and reception Theory

it must be an argumentative essay. it should critic the first verses from al mucadilah (chapter 58) according to reception theory and the revisionist Turkish interpreters (Ankara school). the key points in this essay; al mujadilah (chapter 58) first 5 verses, the revisionist Quran hermeneutics in Turkey and reception theory. also I would like to see/ read what you write in two days.

Important Sources And Scholars

Revisionist Koran Hermeneutics in Contemporary Turkish University Theology: Rethinking Islam, Felix Körner, Ergon Verlag 2005
Mojha Kahf, Surah 58, Al mujadilla
Georgina Jardim (chapter 8)
Literary scriptures of the Quran, Boullata (a chapter by Angelika Neuwirth – reception theory)
The important scholar from Turkey for Turkish reception;
Adil Ciftci (from 9 eylul university, turkey)
Mehmet Pacaci

(I think these scholars will take you to more sources and scholars, also Felix Korner will give you more names from Turkey)

Sample Solution