In a WORD document, freewrite a 1 full page rhetorical analysis of the pictures you selected. To that end, consider the following questions: Who might be
your intended audience (be specific)? What assumptions have you made about this audience? What kind of identify do you think you’re projecting to your
audience in these pictures? Do you notice any appeals to pathos (appeals to humor, sentimentality, nostalgia, jealousy, etc.)? Do you notice any appeals to
ethos (likes, comments, etc.)? How about appeals to logos (specific, descriiptive details in your pic that proves the identity your portraying)?
Make sure to properly integrate and cite definitions for ethos, logos, and pathos (aka ethical appeals, logical appeals, and emotional appeals) the very first
time you mention each. Also, when you quote, make certain to use the strategies outlined in the readings assigned for homework to avoid plagiarism.
End your freewrite with a tentative thesis statement, which answers this question: Based on these pictures, what kind of identity do you think you’re
communicating / arguing to your intended audience, and how well do you think you’re using ethos, logos, and pathos appeals to make your point?
Remember- you are freewriting–there is no ‘right or wrong’–you are participating in the beginning stages of the writing process. Half baked ideas are
encouraged! Your first assignment is a rhetorical analysis of the identity you (intentionally or unintentionally) communicate to others. Select and analyze one
of the following for your essay (and you must choose only the most recent of the following): your Facebook statuses, Facebook photo albums, Facebook
profile information (interests, etc.), Instagram photos, Twitter posts, Twitter profile, blog. Or (if you don’t do social media) select and analyze pictures of your
favorite place, personal pictures you have on display where you live. P.S-Favorite place is New York




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