Rhetorical analysis of Noelle Stevenson’s comic

Write a rhetorical analysis of Noelle Stevenson’s comic,
Lumberjanes. You should identify all five rhetorical situations (purpose, audience, genre/style,
stance/attitude, and medium/design) and provide specific details from the comic to support your

• What is the rhetorical situation? [Hint: this means you will write at least 5 paragraphs]
o What is the purpose of this work?
o Who is the intended audience?
o What genre or style does the author use to tell this story?
o What is the author’s stance or attitude?
o What medium does this author use and how does she design/present the story?
• What choices does Stevenson make to establish each rhetorical situation? Provide specific details as proof from the story!
• How effective are these choices? Do you think Stevenson achieves her intended purpose? Does she do a good job of connecting with her intended audience. Etc. Why or why not?

Sample Solution