Rhetorical Awareness

A friend from your high school who is considering attending UCI next year as a freshman has asked for your
advice via email. What are the 5 things they should know before staring at UCI?
Imagine being in your friend’s position (not so long ago!). What do you wish a current or former anteater had
told you? What information could your friend probably find online? What information might they rely on your
personal experience to get? (Which dorm has the best parties? Which meal plan is the best?)
Now let’s step back and think about purpose: why are you making this list for your friend? (Do you want to
convince them that UCI is the best college experience ever? Or warn them about things you wish you had
known?) What’s your context? Who’s your target audience, again? Hmm… this is sounding a lot like the
rhetorical triangle! Draw one of those, and fill it out with the corresponding information. (You don’t need to post
a photo of your triangle, but you should describe what you list for each part of it).
Do any of your answers for questions 2-3 change your 5 tips for your friend?

Sample Solution