Assume everyone knows the story, the background, and the personalities in the book.

No one is interested in a book report, states of celestial truths, unsupported arguments, or blue-sky generalizations. Adjectives also should appear sparingly.

Focus on you, your life, and the information provided in the book.

Main questions to address:

Identify and interpret at least THREE financial and/or career-related lessons learned by Kiyosaki that have direct relevance to your life. For each, discuss:

What is that relevance?

How do you intend to operationalize those lessons within your financial life and/or career plan?

According to Kiyosaki, what is the major difference between the rich and the non-rich?

Are you poor if you are broke? Are you rich if you have loads of money? Explain your answer.

Were there parts of the book that you found unrealistic, unworkable, or irrelevant? If so, which and why?

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