Rigid Pavement Design

there is no need to use any tools or softwares, just need to do calculations,for calculation please refer to the PDF book appendix N which I uploaded. If writers need to draw pictures please use CAD

Task 1c: Rigid Pavement Design – Asphalt Pavement Containing
Cemented Material Subbase and an Unbound Granular Layer
This task is the third component in the compilation of your Thesis A submission. Your work
requirement is an individual submission and the weighing for this task is 25% as detailed in
the Course Outline.
In this Assessment Task it is expected that you will be developing the solution following the
steps outlined in the Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2 – Pavement Structural Design.
(Austroads Publication No. AGPT02-17)
In this Assessment Task (as you are now familiar with the layout and structure of the Design
Manual) you are required to follow the steps in Appendix N involved in the design of a Rigid
Pavement as a Plain Concrete Pavement (PCP) of the Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2 –
Pavement Structural Design. (Austroads Publication No. AGPT02-17)
Using Appendix N and other references, you are to complete:
1. An acceptable rigid pavement design for your data set listed below, by
completing multiple trials.
2. In your submission you are to provide an outline of the appropriate jointing
systems (including reinforcement detail) needed for your PCP pavement design.
3. Your submission should also contain detail on the construction methods used and
an explanation of how the joints in the PCP would be formed on site. (You need
to support your explanation by references.)
4. In this submission you are to provide a referenced outline of the advantages
offered by rigid pavement design over other pavement designs. Your written
outline is not to exceed three pages plus your Reference List. It is expected that
you will draw on at least 8 reference sources in answering this section, and all
referencing is to be to the Harvard standard.
Each of these 4 components will carry equal marks weighting within your submission.
In preparing your submission you are required to submit your calculations, so ensure that they
are readable and are sufficient in detail that the Marker can trace the progress of your design.
In your submission you need to state any assumptions made that has impact upon your design

You need to complete the paper and take into consideration revision comments provided by the client: Revision Comments.docx [MATERIAL]


Sample Solution