• From the devices and systems identified in the GFI Corporate Network Topology, conduct a thorough asset
inventory, assign monetary values to each asset (quantitative), and assign a priority value for each asset
(qualitative) that could be used to determine which assets are most critical for restoral in the event of a
catastrophic event or attack. • Evaluate the perimeter security, make a list of access points internal and
external (remote), identify vulnerabilities and make suggestions for improvements to perimeter and network
security. • Evaluate the remote access infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities and suggest security
improvements to mitigate risks to remote access. • Address the COO’s concern over the mobility security and
design a secure mobile computing (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) in terms of authentication
technologies and data protection. • Identify wireless vulnerabilities and recommend what safeguards,
authentication technologies, and network security to protect data should be implemented. • Evaluate the
authentication protocols and methodologies within the wired, wireless, mobility and remote access
environments and suggest improvements to secure authentication for GFI. • Evaluate the web system
protocols and vulnerabilities within the Intranet server and suggest secure protocol improvements to improve
security for web authentication. • Design a cloud computing environment for the company with a secure
means of data protection at rest, in motion and in process. • Assess all known vulnerabilities on each asset in
this environment and impacts if compromised. • Using the asset inventory and the assigned values (monetary
and priority) conduct a quantitative and qualitative risk assessment of the GFI network. • Recommend risk
mitigation procedures commensurate with the asset values from your asset inventory. Feel free to redesign the
corporate infrastructure and use any combination of technologies to harden the authentication processes and
network security measures. • Provide an Executive Summary. • You are welcome to make assumptions for
any unknown facts as long as you support your assumptions. •

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