Risk Management for Law Enforcement Administrators

Read attached scenario. Answer following questions.

  1. Identify and analyze potential legal claims of a private citizen seriously injured by the use of the LRAD’s if the decision is made by the Sub-Committee to purchase them after relying solely on the manufacturer’s claims and instructions as to their use. Assume there was insufficient time to test the device and train officers in their use before the Convention. Assume that the Sub-Committee concluded that the value of the LRAD’s use in crowd control outweighed any risk of harm caused by their use. Discuss the potential liability of the individual officer using the device, the potential liability of the officer’s supervisor (in this case, Duncan) and the potential liability of Chairperson Selerno. Finally, what is your recommendation to Chairperson Salerno regarding this issue?
  2. Identify and analyze any legal claims that might be triggered if the Sub-Committee decides to deny permission to Amnesty International to stage a protest at the Torch of Friendship which has been identified as the second First Amendment Zone. As a result of your analysis, what recommendation(s) would you make to Chairperson Salerno regarding the request?
  3. Identify and analyze any legal claims that might arise if the Committee grants a permit to Greenpeace to conduct a protest at the shopping mall. If the permit is granted, can police lawfully conduct pat-downs and search bags of anyone in the area? Present the arguments for and against. As a result of your analysis, what

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