Rob Jackson at TEDxNCSSM: Fracking and the Future of Gas video

Watch Rob Jackson at TEDxNCSSM: Fracking and the Future of Gasvideo, and identify areas where he is making concessions and/or counter-arguments that can be challenged. (30.09 mins)
 Identify areas in the talk where Jackson is making concessions and/or counter-arguments.
 How can Jackson’s counter-arguments be challenged?
Class Exercise 3: List of renewable/alternative energy sources for the paper:
(a) Read the attached informative and position reviews on renewable energies. It is important that you are familiar these alternative energy sources to argue a position for our group assignment.
Renewable Energy
Alternative Energy Sources
Unlocking Clean Energy
No one alternative energy source is sufficient in meeting the demands of a technologically advance society we live today. All alternative energy sources have flaws, and therefore have to be paired with another alternative energy source.
(b) Select two alternative energy sources you believe will be the best in meeting the demands of New York State citizenry. In 2-3 sentences state why you feel the paired alternative energy sources are the most effective.

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