Robert Stern-berg’s Psychology

Read Robert Stern-berg’s Psychology Today article “What’s your love story” (http:/Avww.psychologytoday. com/articles/200007/whats-your-love-story) and take the accompanied quiz (an abridged version of the Love Story Scale). You must actually provide evidence to us that you completed this scale, by either pasting a picture of the answers that you wrote while take the quiz or by including a table that indicates your score for each item (1.5 points).
What are some love story themes that describe your relationship beliefs? (1.5 point). Do you agree with Sternberg’s assessment about the possible outcomes of your particular beliefs? (1.5 points). What kinds of beliefs does your partner hold/do you wish your partner to hold? (1.5 points). Is there a particular story that doesn’t quite fit your beliefs now, but you would consider changing in the future?

Sample Solution