Robot Research Assessment

Research and read a YOUTUBE and/or an article about a new existing robot or one under development (e.g., DARPA). Discuss at least 7 of the following points as applicable. You will receive extra credit if all ten points are addressed. However, if you omit any points (less than 7) please tell why! Be as specific as possible.
1. What is its main purpose? Is its purpose for industry, private use, military, education, or another? Explain.
2. How many degrees of freedom does the robot have? What are they? Is the robot holonomic? Redundant?
3. Discuss the actuators/effectors: how many are there, what type (wheels, legs, grippers, etc.), what are their functions?
4. Discuss the sensors: what type(s), what are they used for?
5. What type of control architecture is used? Why? (you may guess but explain your choice)
6. What is the advantage of a robot over a machine (or human) in this application?
7.What additional hardware and/or software is needed, if any, to make the robot (more) effective?

  1. Discuss its stability (dynamic vs. static) if applicable.
    9. What challenges do the creators face, i.e. what presents the most difficulty to the creator? (e.g. hardware, control, sensing, stability, or something else)
    10. Does it have mass-market appeal/potential? Explain.
    Use an article from a newspaper, web site(s), magazine, or another source. The YOUTUBE/article should be dated any time after Jan. 2018. Summarize the YOUTUBE/article, including its source and date.

Sample Solution