Rome and renaissance reformation

These essay should have a brief introduction, a body and a conclusion.
Make sure you have a strong thesis statement in your first paragraph and
a clear topic sentence in subsequent paragraphs.
From the emergence of Western Civilization to its “renaissance” in the fourteenth century, religion played an instrumental role in shaping virtually every aspect of life in the West. What were some of the fundamental ways religion, especially Christianity and Judaism, shaped the West after the fall of the Roman Empire? What were some of the key problems solved and created by religious institutions? How did religion shape the relations between the West and civilizations it came in contact with during this time? Would you say that religion ultimately played a more stabilizing or destabilizing role during this period? (You should focus your answer on the period between the Fall of Rome and the Renaissance/Reformation.)

then 4 short answers
Briefly explain three important ways Christianity, Islam and Judaism were similar during this period and three ways they were different. (When contrasting them, you may compare any two you wish.)
2.) Briefly explain three important ways that European thought and art changed during the Renaissance. Why did the Renaissance occur when and where it did?
3.) Briefly explain three important consequences of the Plague. (Lots of people dying is a bit too obvious a response to count!)
4.) Briefly explain three ways the High Middle Ages were different from the Early Middle Ages. What led to these changes?

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