“Rule outs” of possible disorders

(1) DIAGNOSIS: Determine a diagnosis (or multiple diagnoses) you would give this client and justify your decision for the chosen disorder by linking together the symptoms presented for this client.

(2) RULE OUTS: Discuss any “Rule outs” of possible disorders that the client may be presenting with, but you may not have enough information about their symptoms/presentation to determine one way or the other if the client meets criteria for that particular disorder. That is, list a possible Diagnosis (or two) that you would want to “rule-out” for this client in follow-up sessions/interviews. Justify this decision by providing information on symptoms of the disorder the client may be experiencing and the questions you would want to ask (or info you want to learn) that would help in determining if the client actually meets criteria for the “Rule out” disorder.

(3) TREATMENT: List at least two possible treatments that could be utilized for this client based on the diagnosis you provided.

Sample Solution