Ruth Asawa

Conduct research on an assigned artist to produce an instructional resource guide
Learn about Ruth Asawa artist, including where she studied, where she worked, what medium(s) she worked
in, and what subjects/topics/themes she was interested in.You might also consider if/how/where her work was
shown and how it was received by the public.Gather some research from at least 3 reliable, high quality
sources. It is okay to start with Wikipediaand other online encyclopedias/textbooks to find leads, but these may
not be used as sources. Your3 sources should be published articles in academic/scholarly periodicals or
chapters in books (notextbooks or encyclopedias); the materials you find should be substantive (not 1-2 pg.
reviews), butdon’t need to be exclusively focused on your artist alone. As a team, prepare a 500-word
synopsisof the artist’s professional life and their contributions to art, including how studying their work helps us
to better understand the history of race in American art. NOTE: this is quite not a biography;stay focused on
their career as an artist.

Sample Solution