SABIC company ( The Saudi company)

  • Write the case study on SABIC company ( The Saudi company)
  • The assignment case study under the module (strategic management), in my opinion, writing a short brief about their strategy before COVID-19, and then how they changed thier strategy aligned with the COVID-19 crisis will be a good idea. Also, you can write about how the petrochemical sector has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis and compare SABIC company response to COVID-19 with the sector.
  • I’ve attached the assignment outline that includes all information required.
  • This is the link of the book required in the outlines ( HUFF, strategic management book) with the required chapters.
    -Choose TWO chapters only to imply and link them to the SABIC company.
  • These are the lectures’ links. So, please read them all before you write and take some ideas.
  • The word count should be 2500
  • Harvard style
  • Make sure to include a huff book as a reference aligned with the other academic resources.
  • You have to consider both sustainability and resilience as a core element while writing.

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