Sacred texts

If you interviewed a member of a religious community or individual practitioner,describe his or her life history in as much detail as possible. Was he or she born amember of the community or a later convert? Why is he or she a practitioner of thiscommunity? What sort of adjustments has he or she had to make in order to practice thisreligion in modem American society? What is his or her attitude toward the surroundingAmerican culture —is it seen as a positive or negative force in relation to his or herreligious practice? Again, because this is a course on sacred texts make sure you ask how this individual views, understands and relates to the sacred texts of this tradition. Does s/he read them regularly, hear them read in services, revere them from a distance etc and why?Finally, explain how interviewing this individual has affected your understanding of religion in contemporary America. Do you have a better appreciation for the diversity of religion in the U.S., has your understanding of religion itself been broadened do you have a more complex view of religion and culture in







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