This assignment requires you to put yourself in the position of a sales representative selling a product or service of your choice within a specific sales territory in the UK ( KINGSTON UPON THAMES, LONDON, UK) . Your task is to develop a sales plan that will be used to effectively communicate with management how you as a sales representative will work your sales territory for your chosen product or service. Different sales plans and templates will be presented and discussed during classroom exercises. It is important that you attend these sessions. Prior to starting your assignment, you will need to present and gain approval for your product or service as well as your proposed sales plan template from your module leader.


Specifically your tasks for this assignment are:
Allocated Marks
To conduct secondary research and identify a specific product or service to be the focus of your sales plan. You will need to demonstrate a brief understanding of the structure and dynamics of the marketing environment of the product or service that you have chosen. This will include showing an understanding of potential competitors as the ideal customer segments that should be targeted as well as an overall positioning of the product / service versus the competition.

To develop a sales plan for a new graduate sales representative who has been assigned the Kingston-upon-Thames sales territory, starting in September 2018. The Kingston-upon-Thames sales territory comprises of all KT postcodes, but your plan must identify the specific KT postcodes which offer the best opportunities and be targeted.

To differentiate sales plans from marketing plans; ensure that you focus on developing appropriate content for a sales rather than a marketing plan. Your plan should focus on specific activities on how you intend to manage your territory and sales revenues for your chosen product or service in the specific KT postal codes that you have identified. These activities should include applying the sales process to identified customer segments.
Use of relevant sales management theory to justify your choices
Appropriate sales plan format, structure and layout.

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