Sam harris

A superficial understanding of Sam Harris’s argument would most likely lead one to see Harris as saying nothing much different than what a (Hedonistic) caricature of the Utilitarian author Jeremy Bentham could be seen as saying: that good, reduces simply to the mental state of happiness (as the one you could observe via a brain scanner). Concentrating on what you have learned about Harris’ position, argue against such superficial understanding. To support your explanation, you should reference its key elements (that is, in addition to the 10 lines) with quotes from the readings; the videos; or other reputable resources. By “reference,” I mean the adding of a footnote (with the quote) to the particular key point that you’re trying to support. Quotes support your essay when they succeed in demonstrating to your reader (me, in this case) that author would agree with it. Avoid adding irrelevant (when the connection between the quote and your claim is not made evident), or obscure quotes (when your reader must do all the work).









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