SBAR Report: Peoria, Arizona Mall


Your boss has asked for your assistance with an important client, a mall in Peoria, Arizona. A new space is available that has been specifically designated for apparel stores. Four apparel companies have inquired about occupying the space: Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Ross Stores, Inc., Gap, Inc., and TJX Companies, Inc. you will need to conduct further research to identify and provide support for the appropriate recommendation.
After doing so, you will craft a formal report using the SBAR format (Situation, Background, Analysis, and Recommendation) providing the client with your recommendation about the retail space in the Peoria, Arizona mall.

● Audience: Executive Board of Peoria, AZ mall

Research Requirements:
o Cite each article at least once (at least 7 in-text citations)
o Maximum of 1 quote only in the entire body of your document
o Introduce at least 1 citation with a signal phrase in the body of your document
o Introduce at least 1 citation without a signal phrase in the body of your document

Include headings (situation, Background, Analysis and Recommendation) and subheadings especially under Background. Paragraph much be short, well organised, and concise, avoid redundancy. include any graph, table, chart, etc (proof).

All researches and sources must be recent (not later than 4 years ago).
For accurate data use ISBWorld and Mergent Online database. if not use relevant and well organize database with correct data.

Below is an example of the report should be organized

Report Body – Since this is a report and not a correspondence, fashion the introduction for a wide audience (third person/no pronouns), and avoid first or second person (NO I, you, we, etc.) throughout the document.

Start your report with an introductory paragraph including frame/context – in this case, a general statement about the topic at hand. Then, provide a clear and relevant purpose/ask statement and a forecast that previews the sections of the document. (short Intro)

Body Paragraphs – Concise, well-organized with headings/subheadings

Introduce the mall’s situation at hand and key stakeholders. Describe the current state of affairs surrounding the events or situation you will address. (short paragraph for the situation)

*find current, credible, and relevant news articles to support this section.

Report the findings from your research. Give the backstory or historical context of the apparel industry and the 4 potential retail companies vying to occupy the mall space. Give facts and statistics necessary to educate the readers.

From the IBISWorld database, obtain relevant industry information, which may include:

NOTE: These are merely suggested topics – if they are not relevant to your topic, then leave them off. Alternatively, if you find information on a topic not listed here, add the topic to the report.

• Industry performance
• Relevant retail apparel industry trends
• Products and markets
• Competitive landscape
• Operating conditions
• Key stakeholders

Within the Mergent database, obtain relevant company reports, which may include the following:

• Details
• Executives
• Ownership
• Financials
• Equity pricing
• Reports
• Filings
• News
• Competitors
• Report builder

Draw conclusions. Deliver the research findings and analyze them for the audience. Interpret and synthesize the findings specifically for the audience in anticipation of the upcoming recommendation/s.

Provide distinct actionable recommendation/s and justifications. Include next steps and a timeframe for implementing the key solution(s) for the problem or the best process for introducing a new concept.

Conclude with a review of benefits and restate the ask. Focus on the most important elements of the plan. Provide a clear and specific call to action.

Sample Solution