Scholarly Book Review

You are not writing the book review to simply show that you have read the book. The point of this book review
is to provide a critical analysis of the book’s merits. This will necessitate a brief summary of the book, but that
should be a very small part of the overall paper. Critical analysis of a book involves assessing the author’s
purpose, thesis, contentions and methods of analysis. You will also need to rely on your own opinions to
evaluate how convincing the author’s arguments were, and whether you feel the book is an important
contribution to science. To make your book review more interesting, you may want to add other personal
opinions. For example: Did you like the book? Would you recommend it? How did you feel about the writing
style? An example is provided at the end
Your book review should have a clear introduction, discussion of the book and conclusion. Below is a list of the
things you should include in your book review, at minimum (not necessarily in this order):

  1. The title and author of the book you are reviewing
  2. The author’s objective(s) and audience
  3. The author’s main arguments
  4. Your opinion of how well the author supported his/her arguments and his/her interpretation of the material
    presented (provide examples)
  5. An evaluation of any strong points or shortcomings of the book
  6. Your opinion of the book’s contribution to its academic field
    The book review should be 1000 – 1200 words in length. The book choices are listed below and an example of
    an academic book review. CHOOSE ANY ONE of the following books listed in the PDF.

Sample Solution