Write an essay explaining why you would like to be considered for this scholarship and how this scholarship will assist you in reaching your academic goals.

I started working full time (40+hours/Week) when I started my current university to pay for tuition. My GPA dropped significantly because I could not juggle the school and work. I didn’t care that much then but I decided that I wanted more for myself. I decided to go to dental school. Unfortunately, I had to cut down my work hours in half this semester to invest more time into studying but my grades improved significantly. However, since I had to cut down my hours in half, I will have to take out a cash advance or loan next semester to cover the remaining tuition balance. Receiving this scholarship will help me obtain my education by providing me more time for studying and learning. I have attached my CV. In my previous school, I was not working so all my time went into studying. I received a lot of honors rewards and was involved with clubs/activities. Receiving this scholarship would also give me more time to join clubs in the current university I never had the chance to join (I was only able to join 1 club. In my previous school I was a part of 2-3 clubs). Do not use what I wrote word for word.





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