School District Instructional Leadership

You have just been offered and have accepted the position of superintendent of Bright Future ISD in North Central Texas. The school district (EC-12) has 10,000 students and employs 800 teachers, administrators and staff. Schools include 8 elementary, 5 middle and 2 high schools. Two months before school academic year was scheduled to begin in August, your assistant superintendent of curriculum submitted her resignation unexpectedly, effective immediately. Your task is to recruit and hire a curriculum leader and manager that would meet your perceived needs and expectations of a school district that is struggling overall to meet State Department of Education expectations regarding student achievement.
You must develop a detailed plan for recruiting, interviewing and selecting your new assistant superintendent for curriculum that will meet district’ needs and support/improve upon the existing District Curriculum Management Plan. The person selected must share your personal philosophy toward curriculum. Develop a detailed flow chart of all the steps that must take place in order hire such an important leader. Start your response by sharing your curriculum and curriculum management philosophy from the central office to the classroom level while keeping true to your philosophy in candidate selection. With your flow chart as a guide, address in detail each step within the narrative. For example, when considering interviewing perspective candidates, identify who will participate in the interview process and why, where the interview would take place, state the questions to be asked, as well as, the important points you would look for in the interviewee response. Develop and provide a list of 5 interview questions and identify 3 from that list (identify which ones and why) that are directly tied to your stated personal philosophy regarding curriculum.

Sample Solution