Science theories

The paper should be in two parts. First a presentation/statement where one explain the concept of the
demarcation criteria in science theory including the concept of pseudoscience.
And the next part is you must answer why would it be beneficial to have formulated a clear demarcation
criterion and talk about falsifying as mentioned by Popper.
The first part should be more explaining and the next part should be more an analyze.
Please make sure to use this source:
fbclid=IwAR1y06liI2_mpNE50Kp4Q6IubX9E24ygjfoodxjPvEH1lT2h-xeuDsuWTxw#PurDem and remember to
cite from it. It should be written as an academic paper as if you were writing to another student who might not
have learned anything about it so any specific terms and words must be briefly explained.

Sample Solution