Second-Grade Classroom Scenario

second-Grade Classroom Scenario As Miss Gibson’s second-graders break out into their learning centers, a scuffle starts in the writing center. Two boys are shoving and pushing each other. Miss Gibson stops the class and yells, “Boys, stop!’ Instead of stopping, the boys continue to shove and push each other. Aaron, the most vocal of the two boys, starts yelling, “Tony took the red marker!” Tony denies it. Soon the boys are shouting at each other. The rest of the class stands around watching and no one has started working in their center. Answer the following questions in relation to the scenario: 1. What level of mutual respect exists between students and the teacher in this scenario? How did mutual respect affect the classroom dynamics? How would you improve mutual respect in this classroom? 2. How well did the teacher handle himself or herself in the scenario? What student—teacher interactions worked well and what did not work? How would you handle the situation? 3. What, if any, communication roadblocks are evident in this classroom? How could you remove the communication roadblocks? How would you communicate with the students to resolve this situation? 4. What conflicts did you observe in this classroom? What conflict resolution methods could you use to resolve the conflicts in this classroom? Are there any peer mediation methods that you could use in this scenario? 5. What changes would you make to help this classroom become more of a community? Why would developing this classroom into a community be important?

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