Self Assessment

1: Tell me about a past work situation where you were asked to follow specific rules and guidelines. What was the situation?
• What did you (and others) think about the rules and processes?
• Tell me about a rule you didn’t agree with. What did you do?
• Describe your role in ensuring others followed the process.

2: Tell me about a time when you were asked to set an aggressive goal that you could not achieve on your own. What was the goal you set and the situation?
• What plans did you put in place to achieve the goal?
• Who did you involve and why?
• How did you ensure others knew what outcome was expected?

3: Give me several examples from your recent work experience in which you improved something to make it better.
• Why did you think it needed to be improved?
• How did you determine what to do differently?
• Who did you involve in this process?

4: Give me some examples of what you have done in your professional life to improve and grow yourself.
• Why have you pursued these things?
• How did you measure improvement?

5: Give me an example of a time when you experienced a sustained growth in a particular area (product line, business unit, year over year sales, etc.).
• How did you do this?
• How long did it take? Did it last?
• How did you determine what to focus on?

6: Please study this scenario and tell me what you would do:
Your store has not yet met your expected growth rate, and you are not making the profits that you anticipated. Your Field Consultant has provided you with feedback that your mystery shopper customer numbers in your Guest Experience Evaluation are below the 7-Eleven average.
What would you do?
• What areas will you focus on?
• How long do you expect it to take?
• What types of things would you invest in?

Sample Solution