Self reflection paper

This paper is a self-reflection paper that will give you an opportunity to better analyze and define your personal and professional ethics and values system/s. Oftentimes people will wear different “hats” inside and outside of their work environments or choose to engage with others through different identities. In this essay, identify whether you “live by” an ethics and values system that is common to both your personal and professional life. If not, write why you choose to wear different “hats” or “live by” two ethics and values systems. If you are unlike most people and you operate from one ethics and values system in and outside of your work environment, write why and how.
The purpose of this paper is for you to begin thinking (if you have not already done so) about your modus vivendi and modus operandi especially within the context of a business environment. In summary fashion, a narrative offers you an opportunity to think and write about yourself. When you write a narrative essay, you are telling a story. Narrative essays are told from a defined point of view, often the author’s.

Please address the following four points in your paper:
• Use the five values that you identified during the coat of arms assignment in this assignment. The five values from your coat of arms should form the foundation of your personal and or professional values system;
• Determine whether you “operate” from one values systems–one personal values system and one professional values system or whether you “operate” from one values system; I operate from one value system, The value are as follows:
1- Courage
2- Trustworthy
3- Honesty
4- Commitment
5- Knowledge

Very important to mention All
• Why do you believe you must “operate” from one or two values systems in a business setting/environment?
• Explain a “real” situation in which your values system/s was/were challenged, compromised, or questioned. How did this make you feel? Why did you “stand your ground” or why did you “bend” or “give in” when your values system/s were challenged, compromised, or questioned?

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