Self Social Analysis

What communities or sub-cultures do you belong to or care about? List as many as possible

What sorts of identities or labels would you claim?

What do you spend most of your “free-time” doing or giving “attention” to?

What areas of study are you considering right now? Do any controversies or issues exist in that field or discipline?

If you could write or research anything, what would it be? What interests you?

Are there any topics or places where your hobbies, identities, areas of study, etc. intersect with topics within the context of food?Rank your ideas in the above writing from most interesting to least.

List all your biases, prejudices, beliefs, or values that give you the view you have on each of your 3 topics or ideas. Why do you hold these views or values?

What stories have you heard about each of your top 3 your topics? Describe or try to recall where you heard them.

What lies, sayings, cliches, or errors have you heard about your top three topics? How are they wrong or flawed?








Sample Solution