Servant Leadership – The Issue of Humility

Please refer to the following link/video on The Issue of Humility. Note that the above video is the 7th of a series of video about Servant Leadership. Write a 2600-word commentary about this segment which includes the following: 1. Provide an example or describe an interaction or decision point in which your Preceptor demonstrated humility or a missed opportunity to promote the success of others. 2. As we culminate our Practicum period, summarize your experience with your Preceptor. What insight into your own leadership style were you able to see? What do you believe was the most important thing you learned in this experience? 3. Utilizing servant leadership principles (by Robert Greenleaf), outline a plan to improve your own success as a leader. Identify specific steps you plan to take to create this improvement. 4. Reflect on at least three things you learned from the “Issue of Humility” video. **Leadership practicum was done with a masters-prepared nurse who is the owner at the same time the administrator of a small nursing school. She was chosen as the preceptor for this practicum because she (1) manages several staff, (2) oversees a budget, and (3) in a position to make policies as part of her job. **Please SPECIFY and VERIFY references. Instructor checks.

Sample Solution