Sex Addiction

Study and investigate a subject that is of interest to you, a subject that you wish to learn more about. What is this subject; what should people know about it; and why is it important for you and perhaps for others? Use your powers of observation, research, and organization to inform your investigation. Imagine yourself playing the role of an investigator—do not only rely on the most superficial and obvious fact, you should also deepen your knowledge by researching your topic, by inquiring further, and always with curiosity and vitality. (6-7 typed pages in length and 3 required sources of outside research, documented in MLA style). particular socio-political, or socio-cultural, economic, national or international concern. You will have the opportunity to explore a specific concern/issue/problem/ topic that is of interest to you, a topic that concerns us as humans. Explore the topic, reflect upon it, and then write your ideas and thoughts about it.

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