Shadow health

This assignment provides the opportunity to conduct a focused exam on Brian Foster, who presents with
recent episodes of chest pain in a non-emergency setting. Interview Mr. Foster and be sure to thoroughly
assess the cardiovascular system as well as related body systems in order to compile a list of differential
diagnoses. This case study offers you the opportunity to evaluate Mr. Foster’s personal and family history
with heart disease and identify lifestyle risk factors. During the physical examination, thoroughly examine
the cardiovascular system and carefully evaluate and document the patient’s heart sounds.
The purposes of the Shadow Health Physical Assessment Assignments are to: (a) increase knowledge and
understanding of advanced practice physical assessment skills and techniques, (b) conduct focused and
comprehensive histories and physical assessments for various patient populations, (c) adapt or modify your
physical assessment skills and techniques to suit the individual needs of the patient, (d) apply assessment
skills and techniques to gather subjective and objective data, (e) differentiate normal from abnormal
physical examination findings, (f) summarize, organize, and appropriately document findings using correct
professional terminology, (g) practice developing primary and differential diagnoses, (h) practice creating
treatment plans which include diagnostics, medication, education, consultation/referral, and follow-up
planning; and (i) analyze and reflect on own performance to gain insight and foster knowledge.

  1. Summarize, organize, and appropriately document findings using correct professional terminology on the
    SOAP Note Template.
  2. Identify three (3) differential diagnoses and provide ICD-10 codes and pertinent positive and negative
    findings for each diagnosis.
  3. Create a comprehensive treatment plan for each assignment. Must address the following components:
    Diagnostics, Medication, Education, Referral/Consultation, and Follow-up planning. If no interventions for
    one or more component, document “none at this time” but do not skip over the component.
  4. Provide rationales and citations for diagnoses and interventions.

Sample Solution