Shakespeare studies create a postsecret

Based on Act 1 and Act 2 of Hamlet, you are to choose a character of Hamlet to create a PostSecret. Choose one of the characters from Hamlet that are introduced in Act 1 or Act 2. Please choose a character is reasonable where you can analyze. I would say choosing hamlet is the best choice. The images and message should reflect something significant about the character you chose. You can choose to address one of the following:
a) How does your character feel about life?
b) How does your character feel about his/her family?
c) How do they fit into the family?
d) What secret do they have? Are they hiding anything from others?
e) Does the way they act in public correspond with how they really feel inside?

Then, you are to write a one-page double spaced explanation of your postcard. What message about your character are you trying to convey? How does your post secret demonstrate who your character is? WHy do they feel that way? Please include 3 quotations from the text and cite them properly.

Sample Solution