Shaping the final piece of furniture.

Exercise #4:
The design process is critical in shaping the final piece of furniture. This exercise is an opportunity for students to document and analyze the design process of their own work or document the working process of another designer. Variables to consider in this exercise are:
• The overall length of time spent and the working breaks in the process of design.
• The methods used to develop design ideas.
• The time spent on using or exploring different materials and methods.
• The types of drawings, media employed, models, and iterative processes.
• A break-down of the phases of design work and time spent on each phase.
• Design sketches, drawings, and models presented on a regular time-basis to capture the process and venue throughout the design process.

document a design process with thumbnail images so that the percentage of time spent on one phase of design correlates with the percentage of the documented work explored in the working process of design. As an example, if design began by exploring ideas in a sketchbook through a series of sketches as the beginning point and this led to a series of scaled drawings which then led to a rough study model, which then in turn led to delineated working drawings, which then led to a working prototype, etc., the task of this exercise would be to capture this process graphically and sequentially so that what is shown graphically and sequentially would be a close approximation to the actual development of the work.
No more than 15 images ought to be arranged on one sheet. Students may use as many sheets as determined necessary to accurately and completely communicate the design process.

Sample Solution