Sharing and Delivery of Data Analytics

In the final assignment for this course you will compile all components of your project into a comprehensive document.
Each section should include all noted requirements in previous units in addition to this week’s addition on the management
perspective. Organize your document with the following titles. Be sure to follow APA 6th edition, with a table of contents,
reference page, appendices (if applicable), et cetera.
Project Overview.
Data Sharing Tools.
Success Factors.
Management Review
In your compiled project paper:
Describe the features of the options available for sharing data analytics results and makeup of the audience that is
most appropriate for use with the options identified.
Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the data sharing tool.
Describe your data analytics sharing tool and organization or case study for which the tool could be used.
Explain how success factors are impacted by the makeup of the audience.
Describe the information security and privacy legal and ethical constraints that are a factor in presenting the results
of your data analytics project and how your chosen data analytics tool can be a pro and con to the constraints.
Explain how all factors contribute to creating an appropriate and effective presentation of results for your
organization or case study.
In addition to the previous assignments, you will include a section on Management Review. This section should explain
delivery and data analytics sharing to management and executive team.
Change Management
Change management is also a key concept that should to be addressed with the implementation of new or revised tools.
Discuss the following concepts in relation to your implementation:
Management influence on the use of data analytics.
Organizational culture and dynamics.
Contingency plan for resistance to change.
Best Practices
Identify best practices that can be used for sharing data analytics with the management team.
Discuss process for reassessment of utilization and delivery.

Sample Solution