• Create and submit a SIPOC and High-Level PMAP (sometimes known as a Value Stream Map) for the large-scale process of picking up a container of cargo
from a shipper in one country and delivering it to a consignee in another country. Keep your model as generic as you can, but make sure it works for a shipper
in Orlando to a consignee in Berlin using a primary vessel passage from Elizabeth, New Jersey to Amsterdam.
• This is a hypothetical activity, so you are NOT expected to try to master the details of the containerized cargo industry – but use common sense (and some
basic web searches) to make your models as realistic as possible. Based on our readings about VSMs, try to make your VSM as visually descriiptive and
detailed as you can.
• Submission Guidance
This activity is usually best submitted as two separate files:
SIPOCs work well as tables in Microsoft Word.
They do NOT work well in Excel unless you are very good at formatting in Excel.
PMAPs/VSMs work well as diagrams in PowerPoint.
Alternatively, the two files can be merged and submitted as a single PDF

Sample Solution