Situation Analysis

You have been working as a marketing assistant for Talented Gen & Co. – a small marketing
agency located in Sydney. Last week, Mary Blue – your marketing manager – has offered you
a position as junior marketing associate, and to be successful, you need to develop a
marketing plan for a client of your choice.
Talented Gen & Co. assists small and medium size businesses in Australia with different
marketing strategies. You must choose a small or medium sized business as a client. This is
generally considered as one with less than 200 employees. Students may also like to
consider a small business in their local area /neighbourhood to focus on or even a business
run by friends or family. This business must be business to consumer (B2C), based in
Australia, and currently operating.
The focus of the marketing plan is to review and describe the selected client’s marketing
strategies, including the target marketing and positioning as well as the marketing mix. Then
utilising the information gained from the situational analysis, combined with applying the
MKT101A Assessment 1 Brief Page 2 of 8
marketing principles you will learn in the subject develop a concise outline of marketing
strategy recommendations to assist your client in growing the business.

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