Skilled immigrants for Canada

How can Canada attract and maintain skilled immigrants to their labour market?

In some countries there is a demographic phenomenon called the “aging population”. This occurs when a portion of the population comes born in a short time period is significantly greater than the amount of people born in other periods. In Canada and the United States the population born between 1946 and 1966 (The Baby Boomers) constitutes a large percentage of the total population. This population bubble is approaching retirement age and the labour force relatively to the entire population is falling. At one point there were excess supplies of labour, but now there are shortages of labour in some parts of the labour market.

In order to keep the domestic population growing and the labour shortages minimized, the country may need to attract and maintain immigrant labour. But there are factors that will help do this, but what can an area without some of these assets do to attract immigrants? The key will be to consider the actual evidence from a jurisdiction with this need.

Sample Solution