Slavery and the Making of America

Describe the story of Robert Small’s escape from the Charleston Harbor?
Why did black men sign up “in droves” to fight for the Union Army?
Turn your attention back to the story of Robert Smalls return to his former home in the south. What happened in this next chapter in his life?
Tell the story of the KKK in the video.
Who were the “Red Shirts”? What were their actions during Reconstruction?
What is the Compromise of 1877, and how did this affect African Americans?
Robert Smalls was an African American who was enslaved during and after the Civil War of America, gained freedom and became the pilot of the ship, sea captain and hence a politician. He freed himself, his families and crew from the slavery on May 13, 1862, by the means of commandeering a confederate ship transport, in Charleston harbor, moving it from Confederate-controlled waters to the blockade of United States. His example and persuasion convinced President Lincoln to accept African-American soldiers into the United States Army and the United States Navy.

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