Small Business Owner Going the Business

Imagine you are a small business owner trying to grow your business, and use the guidelines and examples from Chapter 9 to create two separate letters to your customers for the following purposes. For each letter, you may choose what type of business you own and what your business is selling. lAn expensive product you sold but did not manufacture was recently returned to your store because it was defective, and the customer is angry that your store did not catch the defect prior to the sale. To make matters worse, you no longer have this item in stock, and you will not be able to order another.
Write a tad-news” letter to explain the situation and apologize to the customer. See figure 9.8 in the textbook for an example of a bad-news letter. 2.A job that your company was hired to complete was finished ahead of schedule and under budget.
Write a ‘good-news’ letter that would be attached to a final invoice, explaining the situation and thanking the customer for doing business with you. See figure 9.7 in the textbook for an example of a good-news letter.

Sample Solution