Social Action

The social action project paper should have four parts:

1) What is the social inequity you addressed and why?

2) What is your story within this inequity?

3) How did you open spaces for others to share their story around this inequity?

4) How you built community, dialogue and research to plan action which will address this inequity? Specifically, how did you use The Long Haul, as well as any other course readings, as a resource and guide?

Other questions you may want to address are:

What are your inner struggles around this social action?
What changes has this project brought about in you, your values and perspectives?
Where have you grown as a result of this social action project?
Where do you see yourself needing to grow?
Discuss your thoughts on Myles Horton and The Long Haul and the ways in which Highlander has impacted your thoughts on social action and the social action which you have undertaken.
Required Reading
Horton, M. (1990). The long haul. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Inc.

Sample Solution