Social Anxiety

Your client, Sarah, is 17 years old. She is in high school and an extremely bright student. She is well
dressed and attractive. Her mother has brought her to see you because she has stopped eating and has
been sitting in her room staring out the window for hours at a time. Sarah tells you that she has received
an invitation to attend the Senior prom. She would love to go, but is paralyzed with fear. She tells you
that her only social interaction at school is with her cousin and a family friend because they are the only
people that she can talk with since she has known them all of her life. She says that she spends her all of
her time at home in her room working on homework and reading books. She asks for your help to decide
what to do and says that her parents are worried about her. She hasn’t told them why she has been in
distress because she says that they will pressure her to say yes and she is afraid.)

2 Think about the real issue for the case that you selected. What behaviors need to change for the client
to resolve their underlying problem. Choose one of the following types of therapy as the basis for your
tesearch. (Pick the type of behavioral therapy that is best suited to the behavior that your selected client
needs to change).

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (To change irrational beliefs)

¢ Exposure Therapy (to work with fears)

  • Acceleration/Deceleration Behavior Therapy (To work with changing and/or eliminating triggers and/or
  • Modeling Therapy or Extinction. (Modeling provides a supportive role model to help overcome fears;
    works well with social anxiety issues; extinction is about eliminating an undesirable behavior)

Remember that this exercise is designed to help you develop your “critical thinking” so that you can apply a
specific technique to a specific case. This project also gives you an opportunity to obtain more in depth
information about a particular theory or technique.

Prepare this project as a written paper

How to format your project:

« Don’t forget to include a title page with your name! After your title page, your opening paragraph should
discuss why you Selected the particular case and why you selected the technique or theory that will be
used to structure the goals of your treatment plan. Give some details about your interest in the particular

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