Social Change

Watch the following video. In this first episode of this series, the idea of climate change is investigated. URL Below

Consider your personal viewpoint as we begin the discussion.

Before you watched the video, what was your personal viewpoint on climate change? Please be specific about your beliefs and thoughts on the topic.
Did watching the video change your beliefs about the topic? If so, how did it change your beliefs? If not, what is your argument against the presented ideas.
Now, using your sociological perspective, examine the idea of climate change as a social phenomenon. Why do you think that this has become a partisan issue (climate change is often acknowledged by Democrats and denied by Republicans)? Give examples.
Because this has become a political issue for many instead of a social issue, progress is slow (and sometimes reversed). What is the potential for change when a global issue becomes political? Explain and give examples.
Research has provided evidence that environmental damage is occurring. What is the responsibility of individual citizens and the larger society to try to stop the damage to the environment? How can one person make a change? Explain.

Sample Solution