Social Determinants of Health Snapshots.

Select a health issue and provide a succinct summary of the issue from a social determinants framework. You can work independently or in pairs. Post your topic on the discussion link.
What’s the nature of and magnitude of the problem?
Is it tuberculosis? HIV? How bad is it?
What groups are most affected?
Is it poor people, or better off people? Consider region, urban vs. rural, race/ethnicity, education.
What are the risk factors and related social determinants?
Why do people get this particular problem?
Are they getting tuberculosis because they have a genetic predisposition?
Or are they getting TB because they are exposed to someone who had it? Are they’re living in crowded
circumstances and they’re poor, malnourished and more likely to succumb to tuberculosis than others are?
What are the health, social and economic consequences? Or put another way, “Why should we care about
What can be done?
Post your key findings in a power point summary on canvas. Presentations should be succinct (5 slides; 5
mins). Please use Screen Casto-matic to present your findings.
1) Specify your SDoH topic here. [Due. Mar. 1st]
2) Once you have completed the assignment, upload your presentation to google docs and share the link to
this thread. Do not upload the full video file. (20 marks for presentation)
3) View your peers presentations and provide feedback to posts and topics that most interest you (5 marks for participation and feedback)

Sample Solution