Social Justice Issues on racial profiling

The main goals for the team is to document the level of racial profiling experienced by the citizens of the United States based on different social beliefs regarding race. Also, the team will aim to understand the common instances of racial profiling and the most probable victims, nationally. The specific area of focus for the social issue in this case will be Savannah, GA Brooklyn in New York, St. Louis, MO and Chicago, IL to show the various incidents. A policy handout (brief) and infographic are social work leadership tools to promote sustainable changes in service delivery and practice through policy
directives to improve the quality of social services. It is a type of policy proposal document that concisely delivers your message about the social issue. Similarly, an infographic is a visual depiction of your message using words, numbers, and graphics. In both cases the goal is to create an “elevator pitch” which tells your story that outlines the social problem, uses available evidence to further demonstrate the social problem, recommends a policy solution, and includes a call to action. These are created in a manner that provides integral information on a particular issue that can potentially influence key decision-makers.

Sample Solution