Social Media

You will be responding to two different business cases related to social media type correspondence. Both cases will have different criteria that you’ll need to respond to. You must complete both and save them in the same document. What are the business cases? The cases are as follows:

Product Announcement

Write a blog announcing the release of a product for a company, such as a new sports equipment item. You choose the product (which can be anything you want, but assume it is new). Start with an attention-grabbing headline. Summarize the announcement in the first sentence. Describe the rest of the important details (consider all 5W2H questions) in logical sequence. Conclude with your contact information and invite inquiries. In addition to the blog post, create a microblog announcement that would link to your post. Apply the principles you learned in chapters 2–4 and 6 of Writing and Speaking for Busin

Rehab Center Review

Your grandfather has been a patient in CareMore, a local rehabilitation center, for the past six weeks. Finally, his health and mobility have improved to the point that he has been released to return home. During his six-week stay at CareMore, you have visited him often both to provide comfort and encouragement and to make sure he has been taken care of appropriately. You have felt generally good about the quality of the medical care he has been given, and the quality of the food he has been served (although a few times the food was a bit cold when it arrived). One recurring problem that you have noticed has been with CareMore’s laundry service. On several occasions the turnaround time on your grandfather’s laundry has been terribly slow (seven or eight days), and twice a shirt was lost and never returned, in spite of your repeated requests. The physical therapy has been good, and you have been noticed steady progress in your grandfather’s mobility throughout his stay. Write an appropriate review to post to CareMore’s social media site. Give the facility four stars out of five for its overall quality of care. Apply the principles you learned in chapters 2–4 and 6 of Writing and Speaking for Business.

Sample Solution