Social Media

Write an essay on the practical application of Brian’s ideals on a modern public relations program.
Students should work to apply Brian’s core concepts of integration and brand democracy into a program they
are currently working on or, if they are not engaged in a communication program professionally, pick one
‘traditional’ program they could improve on with a social media component. What he means by program is to
pick a client, so it could be anything. He also suggests looking at the 5Ws section that Brian talks about in his
book, then think about how those concepts can be applied to any client that I like. I also added the summaries
of the first two chapters below.
The questions below are supposed to be answered:
1) What is Solis’ overall tone toward digital communications?
2) How do Brian Solis’s focus on the concepts of influence, psychology and the 5W’s influence the way you
form a communications program?
3) Does the student apply what he/she learned from the readings to a traditional media program in a creative
4) Does the Report use insightful ideas to guide online users?
5) How are the concepts of “influence” and psychology employed?

Sample Solution